Caipora Jewellery - Zel Albuquerque, Founder

"My experience working with Emma has been extremely positive. During this time I have found a very creative and resourceful young professional, passionate about styling and with an authentic excitement that goes beyond her blissful attitude. Hopefully we will keep in touch and bring up many new collaborations."


Sandra Holmes Jewellery - Sandra Holmes

"I found Emma to be very friendly, professional, visionary and punctual at returning items. I'd definately work with Emma again."


House of Sunny - Sunny Williams

"HofS enjoyed Emma Breden�s sharp and well informed work, which is great when working with someone you haven�t meet before, our team thought the final look was polished and spoke about who we were as well as Emma�s handwriting."


Beverly Gan

"Professional and ambitious, Emma is punctual, reliable, and developing a signature of her own. I hope to collaborate with her more in the future and wish her nothing but success in her career."


Gia Belloni

"Emma has been professional and respectful of our pieces and we were delighted with the prompt return of items.
Thank you for this and for creatively displaying our work with your clever styling! I look forward to working with you in the future."